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Honesty, it looks great on you!

What do you and your start up have in common? If you are an entrepreneur or start up, chances are your business is a reflection of your knowledge, personality and business beliefs. This means your branding should be as well.

This is why it’s crucial to inject your personality into your brand. Ask friends, family and colleagues what makes you unique, why would they buy from you, what makes them trust you? Use this to help create your brand story. Find out what is important to your consumers/target audience and marry it to what is important to you.

Your brand is how people see you and more importantly how they think of you. If you stay genuine and honest, your consumers will remain loyal and loyal consumers become brand ambassadors – who are priceless!

If you need inspiration, think of brands you like, that you believe in and ask yourself why. Pinpoint what it is you like about these brands. Is it their imagery, their website layout or their twitter feeds? Do you believe in their goals, their business delivery or ethos?



Personally, we love Canva Design School, it’s a great program from visual aid/presentation tool Canva. They stay true to themselves and offer design tips, inspiration and lessons, going above and beyond their service offering beautiful presentations. They are bright fun, inspirational and educational. Check them out – their content is second to none: https://designschool.canva.com/

It’s worth noting that while you can use other brands to inspire you, don’t lose yourself.
You are your brand and you are unique.